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The New Zealand Government is continually working to improve and streamline the process for overseas teachers coming to teach in New Zealand. Keep checking this news page for updates and how they might affect you.


Overseas Relocation Grant

As an overseas-trained teacher coming to New Zealand to fill a teaching vacancy, you may be eligible for an Overseas Relocation Grant (ORG) of up to NZ$5000. Grants are distributed on a first in, first served basis, and teachers must already have commenced full-time employment in a state or state-integrated school to be eligible for the grant.

Recruiting schools may also be eligible for up to NZ$3000 to assist with recruitment costs.

To find out more about the eligibility criteria and how to apply visit the TeachNZ website.

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Can your application be fast tracked?

Under certain circumstances, your applications can be fast tracked by two of the agencies. That means that if you meet the criteria, you can shorten the time it takes for your applications to be processed. At present, all applications that have a job offer attached or that relate to STM positions are given priority (except for Education Payroll and Immigration New Zealand, as they assess applications in date order). This fast track process is coordinated between NZQA and the Education Council. Note that the criteria governing this fast track can change depending on which teaching positions require priority at a given time.


Additionally, NZQA monitors all International Qualifications Assessment (IQA) applications with teaching registration and/or teaching salary as an application purpose. If your IQA application involves a mix of qualifications from the pre-approved overseas teaching qualifications list and non-exempted qualifications, NZQA may treat it as a priority if you meet the fast track criteria.

Education Council

If the Education Council is aware that your application involves a job offer, the application is assessed immediately to make sure the qualification is acceptable and that you've provided all the information. If so, your application is then processed and finalised.