Immigration New Zealand

If a school in New Zealand is unable to fill a vacancy from the New Zealand applicant pool, they can offer you a job on one of several different work visas, which you may be eligible for. The most commonly issued work visas for teachers are shown below. Once you have a job offer from a school in New Zealand and a salary assessment from Education Payroll, Immigration New Zealand will assess your offer and process your visa application.


  • Your potential visa options are:
    < 25 working days
    $258 - $3,085 NZD

    For more information about the different visa types visit Immigration New Zealand’s website.

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    Depending on which visa you apply for, a work visa application can take up to 25 working days to process. A Skilled Migrant (residence) Visa can take up to 6 months to process. You may want to consider applying for a different visa type before applying for a residence visa if you need to be eligible to work here sooner. Click below to find out visa processing times.

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    You’ll need to provide the following documents:

    • Passport photos
    • Passport bio-data page
    • Immigration New Zealand application form for applicable visa
    • Fee payment
    • Employer Supplementary Form (INZ1113), completed by your employer
    • Certificate of medical fitness (from an Immigration New Zealand appointed panel physician and radiologist)
    • Police clearance from your country of citizenship and any country you’ve lived in for more than 1 year in the last 10 years (either consecutively or cumulatively)
    • Proof of qualifications from the pre-approved overseas teaching qualification list or an IQA assessment from NZQA (the requirement to provide proof is dependent on the visa type)
    • Evidence of your New Zealand job offer, outlining hours and salary
    • Proposed employment agreement (can state that your job offer is conditional upon obtaining the right to work in New Zealand)
    • Signed offer of employment
    • Job description
    • Proof of Teacher Registration (from the Education Council).

Things to keep in mind

To issue a work visa, Immigration New Zealand must have evidence of genuine attempts by the school to recruit a New Zealand citizen or resident to the position within the last three months.

This is crucial, so we recommend that you make sure the school has completed an Employer Supplementary Form (INZ1113), available to download on the Immigration New Zealand site, and request a copy of the documentation.

Please note that if you’re applying for a residence visa, such as a Skilled Migrant (residence) Visa, you will have to provide original copies of your documents.

For temporary visa applications, such as the Essential Skills Visa, certified documents can be accepted by Immigration New Zealand. Certified documents are photocopies that have been stamped or endorsed by a person who confirms the copy is a true copy of the original. The person who certifies the copy must be authorised to do so by law, in your home country or in New Zealand (e.g. a Justice of the Peace, notary public, lawyer or court official).

Make sure you have all the documents listed above before you apply, otherwise the process will be delayed or your application could be returned. Full details of the required documents will be on the relevant visa application form.

Please note that stated costs and timeframes are subject to change.