Education Payroll

All teachers in the state or state-integrated school sector are paid in qualification groups and steps. The teaching and relevant work experience a teacher has places them on a step within their qualification group’s range. Novopay, the Education Payroll provider, pays the salary of everyone who works in a state or state-integrated school in New Zealand.

To make sure you get paid correctly, you should apply to Novopay for a salary assessment as soon as you’ve been appointed to a teaching position in New Zealand (you don’t need to wait for an IRD number or New Zealand bank account). The assessment will be based on your certification, qualifications and experience.

Make sure you prepare your documentation carefully before you leave your home country to help speed up the process.


  • You’ll need to provide the following certified documents:
    < 15 working days
    $0 NZD
    • Salary Assessment for Teachers application form (NOVO7t) signed by the principal of the New Zealand school at which you are employed – download it here
    • Your IQA results from NZQA (an IQA non-comparable outcome may impact your Salary Assessment for Teachers outcome)
    • Details of any qualifications you have that are on the pre-approved overseas teaching qualifications list
    • Statements of service for previous teaching experience and/or relevant work experience.

Things to keep in mind

A statement of service needs to be on your employer’s letterhead and contain the following details:

  • Your employer’s signature
  • An exact start and end date including day, month and year
  • Whether the work was full-time or part-time (either the hours per week or total hours worked)
  • A brief description of the role
  • Correct certification.

Statements of service should be written after the period of employment has ended.

Content guidelines for statements of service are included in the Salary Assessment for Teachers application form (NOVO7t), found on the Novopay website.

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Only original certified documents will be accepted by the Salary Assessment Unit. These are uploaded and emailed to the Salary Assessment Unit by the authorised user at your New Zealand school. Visit the Novopay website for more information about the certification process. Please note that you can’t apply for the salary assessment until you have a job offer.

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Please note that stated costs and timeframes are subject to change.