Check out these helpful websites:

The Teaching Council provides a good overview of the process

New Zealand Teaching Council

Up-to-date visa information is available on Immigration New Zealand’s website

Immigration New Zealand

Advice on overseas NZQA-recognised courses can be found here

Approved Qualifications — NZQA

NZQA has a list of pre-approved overseas teaching qualifications. You can find them here

Pre-Approved Qualifications — NZQA

To work as a teacher in New Zealand, you will need to be registered and hold a current practising certificate with the Teaching Council. The difference between being registered and holding a current practising certificate is described here

Registration and certification — NZ Teaching Council

Find out more about how to apply for registration here

Applying for registration — NZ Teaching Council

More information on how to apply for a provisional practising certificate can be found here

Provisional Practising Certificates — NZ Teaching Council

All vacancies are advertised online in the Education Gazette

Education Gazette